Make your emails work harder

It’s never been simpler to unlock the potential of your
company’s emails.

  • Personalise everything
  • Measure results
  • Any client and device

Getting set up couldn’t be easier

Complete the setup wizard

A few clicks and a little bit of help from your IT team and you’re ready to start making the most of every email you send.

Create your signatures

Choose a template that works for you and then add all the branding, headshots, contact details, social media, banners, CTAs and disclaimers you need to until you’re happy with it.

Go live in a few clicks

Once you’re happy with your new signatures, you can integrate them in all employee emails with a single click from your dashboard.

Using Signature 365 has made it quick and easy to take advantage of a marketing stream we’d been ignoring for years”.

Mr Williams, Head of Marketing

The things IT will want to know

The things IT will want to know

The process is seamless. Every email you send flows from Microsoft 365 to Signature 365 and back again for delivery.

We route your email via our ISO 27001 certified data centres in your chosen region using bank-level TLS encryption.

Your emails never leave the Microsoft cloud. We only store your emails briefly so we can add your signatures.

We will never access the content of your emails without your express permission.

If you prefer you can use client signatures only and no email will flow via our servers.

We continuously monitor, audit and optimise our security.

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Getting set up takes a few minutes and almost no
involvement from your IT team (they’ll love you for this).