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Create eye-catching email signatures, plan and run campaigns, boost brand awareness, get real-time insights and more…

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Make your emails work harder

Whether you’re a business of 50 or 5000, Signature 365 lets you turn every email you send into an opportunity to build brand awareness, promote campaigns and drive engagement.

  • Easy-to-customise signature templates
  • Central dashboard to manage all signatures
  • Assign unique signatures for each department
  • Full analytics with real-time insights
  • See your signatures in your emails at all times
  • All set up and ready to send with just a few clicks

Using Signature 365 has made it quick and easy to take advantage of a marketing stream we’d been ignoring for years”.

Mr Williams, Head of Marketing

No need for IT experts or
graphic design wizards

With an easy-to-use dashboard, easy-to-customize templates, and no need to ever write a piece of code, Signature 365 makes it quick and easy to create, manage and monitor email signatures and campaigns for your entire organization.

Works on any client and device

No matter what email client and device you use to send emails, Signature 365 gives you a simple way to make sure every single email is consistent, on-brand and designed to make an impression.

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Getting set up takes a few minutes and almost no
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