An email signature solution two decades in the making

Signature 365 might be the newest solution on the block, but its roots stretch back all the way to the days of Windows 2000 and dial-up internet.

From a simple script…

Before Signature 365 was even a twinkle in our eye, our founder Sten wrote a script for a client to help them automatically deploy Outlook signatures for several hundred employees.

And so began a two-decade journey helping companies get the most out of their email platforms.

…to experts at getting the most out of email platforms

In the decades since Sten wrote that first script, we’ve launched new products, won awards and helped over 10,000 businesses around the world get the most out of their email platform.

And while our products have ranged from calendar add-ons to signature management tools, they were all built with the same four core values.

We believe all email tools should be…

Easy to use

Nobody wants to spend hours in webinars just to use a new tool. That’s why we place a strong focus on usability and making everything as simple as possible.

Stacked with features

We’re bringing everything you’ll ever need to level up your emails, from templates to analytics to segmentation, all under one roof.


When a tool is responsible for thousands of impressions every day, you need to know you can rely on it 24/7.


Email should be a low-cost, high-return marketing channel. We’ve always built our signature tools to keep it that way.

Using Signature 365 has made it quick and easy to take advantage of a marketing stream we’d been ignoring for years”.

Mr Williams, Head of Marketing

A better way to manage your email signatures

The culmination of 20 years of knowledge and experience working with email signatures, Signature 365 was built to go further, do more and make it as simple as possible to make the most of your company’s email signatures.

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